8 ways to spoil your cat

8 Ways to Spoil Your Cat

Do You like to Spoil Your Cat?

Why have a cat if you aren’t going to spoil him? Cats know their place in the home and you can guarantee that they are number one. They demand your love and attention and you are always willing to give it to them to keep them happy. You want your cat to be happy, even if it comes at the cost of spoiling him.

What does “spoiling” mean to you when it comes to your cat? Do you buy him the best food, the best toys, is his climbing and scratching unit the most elaborate you could find? There are a ton of ways to spoil your cat including lavishing him with the most fun and unique cat toys available to cats today.

If you’re looking for some of the best ways to spoil your cat, keep reading. The following 8 gift ideas will not only make your cat very happy, but he’ll know he’s one very spoiled kitty!

8 Gifts That Will Spoil Your Cat:

  1. The Purrfect Arch – Cats are always looking for a good back scratch. But you don’t have time to sit and scratch her for hours. If your cat has a back scratch fetish, help her get all the scratching she wants with the Purrfect arch, built with soft yet sturdy bristles she can sit under and rub against in any position to get all her scratches relieved.
  1. The Roomba – This is a two-for-one gift. Your cat will love chasing this sweet ride and when he catches it, it magically shwooshes him around the room. Like an amusement part ride in your home for your cat that will keep him occupied for long periods of time while you get your floors clean.
  1. Kitty Mobile – Mobiles aren’t just for babies. Mobiles will entertain your kitty for hours, giving him something to swing and bat-at for pure entertainment. You’ll get lots of laughs watching your cat act silly and goofy attempting to get the objects dangling from the mobile. A self-entertaining toy that’s sure to spoil your cat.
  1. Their Own Special Chair – We all love having our one spot to call our own. Maybe it’s a favorite couch, spot on the floor or big comfy chair. Your cat wants her own soft, special spot where she goes to relax, nap and watch the activities of the house. Get her, her own special chair where she can be queen of her castle when she’s in it.
  1. Hooded Litter Box – Your kitty will feel like she has her very own bathroom with privacy when you give her an enclosed, hooded litterbox. One extra special touch to help her to feel spoiled is to give her privacy.
  1. Laser Pointers – The chase is on! Cats love to chase and to give them a little interruption to their mundane day by playing with them with their own laser pointer. Swivel it around the room, over the floors, furniture and walls and let them run scurry and dive for the light. Your cat will have hours of fun with the laser and you’ll enjoy the laughs.
  1. Cat Nip – No cat should be deprived of a little cat nip. This special treat will keep your cat feeling happy and frisky!! Let her indulge on her favorite treat – put it in her favorite toy, the end of a sock or however she loves to get at it best. Spoil her with cat nip anytime you want to give her a little pick-me-up!dreamstime_xxl_6264986
  1. Scratching Post – Your cat wants to scratch – that’s what cats do. But your furniture can take a real beating if you don’t give your little fur ball something to scratch on. Indulge your cat with his own scratching post set-up. You can find elaborate posts they can climb, lay on, tumble around on and hangout in. Do your homework and find a post that will entertain your cat with scratching, climbing and relaxing.ScratchingPostCARAwelfare

Spoiled Cats are Happy Cats

Your cat deserves the very best. He gives you so much love and affection, why not show him how you love him by giving him gifts he will love and enjoy every day? From feeding him right to giving him fun and unique gifts and toys are ways you can give your cat a healthy, fun and exciting life. You can find gifts that fit your cat’s unique personality that will bring out the best in him.


Best Selling Dog Treats

There are several reasons why pet lovers give their dogs treats. The most common reason is for rewarding them for good behavior. In addition, some of the most popular dog treats are those that are made from natural and healthy ingredients and that promote better health for their beloved pets. Finally, pet treats are an excellent way of training pets through a rewards for accomplishment system. Here is a listing of the best selling dog treats and their attributes.

Drs Foster and Smith Natural Meat Treats

These doggie treats are made with all natural ingredients and provide a jerky texture for helping to clean the teeth as the dogs enjoy their treat. They contain chicken meat, natural smoke flavoring, paprika, rosemary extract and vegetable glycerin. Naturally preserved with mixed tocopherols and citric acid. One to two treats provide protein, fat and fiber RDAs for pets. These treats come in Duck, chicken or turkey. These treats are popular with owners who are training their dogs.

Pampered Pet Dog Treatspampered_pet_big

These high quality dog treats are made from natural ingredients. They are oven baked for a crunchy tooth cleaning benefit that helps encourage better dental health in pets. The treats are the texture of a cookie, and come in flavor choices of cheese and bacon; honey, cinnamon and oats; peanut butter and honey, or pumpkin. Just 22 calories, these treats are popular for use as pet training rewards.


SmartBones are popular pet treats because of their healthy nutritional va
lue. They are packed with minerals and vitamins, and the hard outside helps to clean the teeth. The chicken center entices pets to keep chewing through the fortified shell that contains carrots, corn, peas and sweet potatoes. There is also a mint flavored variety that contains parsley seed oil and chlorophyll. This snack is a good option for preventative dental care for your pet as they massage the gums in addition to cleaning teeth.

Smart Chips and Smart Sticks

These varieties of pet snacks come from the same manufacturer of SmartBones. They are smaller, but offer smaller versions of the SmartBones treats. They also include the same type of vitamin and mineral fortifications that make them healthy options for dogs.

Drs Foster and Smith Crunchy Snacks Dog Biscuits

These healthy dog treats are made of natural ingredients in the shape of a dog biscuit that is crunchy for dental health, and wrapped with chicken fillets. Popular with dog owners whose pets crave meaty treats as a reward or healthy in between meal snack. These treats provide two different treats in one. They are meaty, coming in pork or chicken flavors and dogs love chewing on the harder biscuit portion.

Each treat contains either dried pork or chicken, potato starch, vegetable oil, wheat flour, sugar, milk, glycerin, calcium carbonate for strong teeth and bones, lecithin, salt, tea flavor and fructooligosaccharide.

What makes the best selling dog treats so popular

Dogs are pets that become members of the family. They are loved and valued companions, so their owners want to show their love and appreciation by providing them with treats that they will enjoy eating. Not just any treats will do. They must also provide additional health benefits to keep the dogs in the best possible health. These are some of the reasons why people have chosen these dog treats over others. They make wonderful gifts for your pets or friends and family who are dog lovers.